Anaerobic digestion: Application to Island communities

Yesterday (3rd August 2017) the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in Redcar published a short video - Anaerobic digestion: Application to island communities. The video describes a closed loop system using local organic wastes to generate electricity and biofertiliser using anaerobic digestion.

Another part of the CPI website looks specifically at the
Caribbean islands - St. Lucia and Grenada. The website states that on St. Lucia there are large supplies of potential feedstock for AD. About 66,000 tpa of biogenic waste (not including agricultural, food or drinks processing, brewery/distillery or slaughterhouse waste) could yield between 46,400,000 and 72,300,000 MJ of energy, the equivalent of 13 GWh of power. On Grenada, 46,000 tpa of biomass waste could yield 81,500,000 MJ of energy or the equivalent of 22.5 GWh of power. A copy of the January 2017 report is available here.