Microalgae production in the Caribbean

The work is part of the Netherlands-based AlgaePARC multidisciplinary research programme with the project being overseen by Professor René Wijffels. The travel agency TUI is also participating.
Bonaire, like many Caribbean islands, currently relies heavily of tourism, with limited production taking place.
One of the functions of the pilot plant is to look at producing microalgae at minimal cost so that markets such as replacements for fishmeal can be explored.
Although Bonaire is ideal for cultivating microalgae in that it has warm temperatures and lots of sun, it can get too hot. The project is looking at preventing overheating by using floating production containers that can be cooled by seawater.
There are many Caribbean islands like Bonaire that could potentially benefit by diversifying their sources of income through starting a microalgae production unit.  This is especially the case if such units could utilise the concentrated carbon dioxide produced by other commercial activities on the islands such as power generation.
The concept could be expanded by including the anaerobic digestion and composting of municipal, societal and agricultural organic wastes.
Then we will have a biorefinery!