Producing polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) using a mixed microbial culture.


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Mango Materials - Phase II of NASA project approved

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Mango Materials - Phase II of NASA project Read More…

Mango Materials - making biodegradable plastics on earth and beyond!

Mango Materials team
Innovative San Francisco company Mango Materials now funded by NASA Read More…

Interview with Anne Schauer-Gimenez-Mango Materials

Anne Schauer-Giminez
Anne is the dynamic Vice President of Customer Engagement at Mango Materials. Read More…

Videos about microorganisms

The Internet contains many thousands of videos covering microbiology, including many on commercial microalgae and bacteria. These vary greatly in quality.

Two new pages on this website will show a selection of the best and most recent of these videos. They will be by, or about, major individuals, companies or organisations in the industry.

If you have any suggestions for videos that should be included please contact me.

Videos About Commercial Microalgae
Videos About Commercial Bacteria

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Mango Materials - bacteria - methane to biodegradable plastics

Mango Materials PHB poweder
Biodegradable plastics produced by bacteria from methane Read More…