David Border - Selected publications

Border, D.J. (2017) Microalgae and carbon mitigation (eBook - in preparation).

Border, D.J. (2017) The integration of anaerobic digestion and the cultivation and extraction of microalgae (eBook – in preparation)

Border, D.J. (2016) Integrating anaerobic digestion with other microbial-based technologies: the biorefinery concept: Presented at the Biocycle Conference, October 2016. Orlando, USA

Border, D.J. (2016) Why would a composting site consider high-solids (dry) anaerobic digestion? Presented at the Renewable Energy Association Conference: Dry AD: Sorting the facts from the fiction, June 2016, Birmingham, UK.

Border, D.J. (2015) American Pioneers (a recognition of the role played by the Goldstein family in the USA organics industry), Organics Recycling, Summer 2015, p 41.

Border, D.J. (2015) Anaerobic digesters as chemical factories: Presented at the Biocycle West Coast Conference, April 2015, Portland, USA.

Border, D.J., (2014) Compost and compost-like outputs (CLO) for agriculture and land restoration: Presented at the Biocycle East Coast Conference, October 2014, Baltimore, USA.

Border, D.J. (2014) Talk at the R&D Hub of the ADBA Conference, 03.07.2014 - Integrating AD and microalgae (see my 07.07.2014 blog at Microbiology in Action (http://www.microbiologyinaction.com).

Border, D.J. (2014) Interview by Organics Recycling magazine (Summer 2014, pp 28-30) Under the Microscope - my views on the future of the organics recycling industry.

Border, D.J. (2011) Software to help the composter.  Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR), Autumn 2011, Issue 10, 40-41.

Mohabuth, N.B. and Border, D.J. (2011) Batch tunnel composting of food waste and yard waste: A detailed process analysis:  Presented at the International Biocycle Conference in San Diego, USA, April 2011.

Mohabuth, N.B. and Border, D.J. (2010) The design and operation of a bench-top computer-controlled composting unit.  Presented at the International Biocycle Conference in Des Moines, USA, October 2010.

Border, D.J., (2003) Processes and Plant for Waste Composting and other Aerobic Treatment, Environment Agency, R&D Technical Report P1-311/TR

Dunn, R., Wallace, P. and Border, D.J. (2000) A Demonstration of In-vessel Composting Technology:  "The Sirocco Biotreatment TMProcess", AEA Technology.

Border, D.J. (1998) The development of batch tunnel composting in Europe, Biocycle, 39, (10) 60-62

Border, D.J., (1997) The future of the UK composting industry, Wastes Management, August 1997

Border, D.J., & Mistry, P., (1997) Economic biological solutions to organic waste treatment, Biotechnology Guide, June 1997, 18.

Border, D.J. (1997) Centralised composting around the globe, Wastes Management, April 1997, 44-45

Wheeler, P.A., Border, D.J., & Riding, A., (1996) The markets for composts and digestates from municipal solid wastes, UK Department of the Environment.

Border, D.J., (1995) Heaps of Goodness, The Garden, (Royal Horticultural Society), 120, (11), 678-679

Border, D.J., (1995) Making Organic Waste Composting Profitable, In: “Composting: Environmental and Economic Aspects of Composted Materials and Their Use”, UK- Israeli Workshop, March 1995.

Border, D.J., (1995) Taking a green product to market, Waste Age, 24, (3), 12-15

Border, D.J., (1995) Information Technology and Composting, Wastes Management, April, 27

Border, D.J., (1994) Peat alternatives - What happens outside the UK?  In: “Growing Wiser - Successful use of peat-free products”, The Wildlife Trusts

Border, D.J. (1994) Composting in the USA, In: 'Down to Earth Composting', 66-71

Wheeler, P.A., Border, D.J., & Riding, A., (1994) Marketing and uses  of products, In: “Down to Earth Composting of municipal green wastes”, Institute of Wastes Management, UK, 25-27.

Border, D.J. (1993) Alternatives to Peat, Mushroom J., (July), 23-24

Matthews P.J. and Border, D.J. (1991) Compost - a sewage sludge resource for the future, In:  "Alternative Uses for Sewage Sludge,” Ed. J.E. Hall, Pergamon Press, pp. 303 - 310.

Border, D.J., (1990) Agricultural and Horticultural Compost - A major use for cereal straw, In: “Straw - Opportunities & Innovations”, Peterborough, Cambs., May 1990

Border, D.J., Coombes, C. & Shellens, M. (1988) Composting straw with untreated liquid sludge, Biocycle, 29, 54 – 55

Hardy, J.A., De Belleroche, J.S., Border, D.J., Bradford, H.F. (1980) Differential transmitter release from nerve terminals isolated from basal ganglia and substantia nigra, J. Neurochem., 34, 1130 - 1139,

Hearse, D.J., Humphrey, S.M., Nayler, W.G., Slade, A., Border, D.J., (1975) Ultrastructural damage associated with reoxygenation of the anoxic myocardium, J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol., 7, 315 – 324

Border, D.J., and Carlile, M.J., (1974) Somatic incompatibility following plasmodial fusion between strains of the Myxomycete Physarum polycephalum:  the effect on their nuclei,  J. Gen. Microbiol., 85, 211 – 219

Border, D.J., Buck, K.W., Chain, E.B., Kempson-Jones, G.F., Lhoas, G.F., & Ratti, G., (1972) Viruses of Penicillium and Aspergillus species,  Biochem. J., 127, 4-6

Border, D.J. (1972) Electron microscopy of cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae infected with double stranded RNA viruses from Aspergillus niger  and Penicillium stoloniferum,  Nature, 236, 87-88

Border, D.J., & Trinci, A.P.J., (1970) Fine structure of the germination of Aspergillus nidulans conidia, Trans. Br. Mycol Soc., 54, 143

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