Videos - Commercial Microalgae

These are videos carefully selected from the numerous videos on the Internet, They offer genuinely interesting and useful information and are made by, or about, the main people and organisations in the industry. Be prepared for clashes of viewpoints on occasion!

This section will also contain videos in support of the text and blogs elsewhere on the website.

The views expressed in the videos are those of the video producers.

Professor Stephen Mayfield videos

Food and Fuel in the 21st century - algae
Professor Stephen Mayfield's TEDxUCSD talk (2013)
Algae Based Food Solutions
Professor Stephen Mayfield's talk on Algae Biotechnology and the 'sustainable revolution'. (14 September 2016)

HY-TEK Bio videos

Curing Climate Change with Algae - Cultures Digital Feature.
Bob Mroz, CEO of HY-TEK Bio, Dr. Russel Hill, Director, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), Dr. Feng Chen, University of Maryland, 27 May 2016
HY-TEK Bio - Algae as a profit center
Animation of concept, October 2015

Carbon dioxide capture, carbon mitigation, Global warming and microalgae

How algae could change the fossil fuel industry
Dave Hazlebeck, CEO, Global Algae Innovations, 29 September 2016
Microalgae air purification
NAMI is a company based in Hong Kong that offers a vertical tube type of photobioreactor to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, produce oxygen, and generate algal biomass.