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Brewing Microbiology: Managing Microbes, Ensuring Quality and Valorising Waste (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

Brewing Microbiology discusses the microbes that are essential to successful beer production and processing, and the ways they can pose hazards in terms of spoilage and sensory quality.

The text examines the properties and management of these microorganisms in brewing, along with tactics for reducing spoilage and optimizing beer quality. It opens with an introduction to beer microbiology, covering yeast properties and management, and then delves into a review of spoilage bacteria and other contaminants and tactics to reduce microbial spoilage.

Final sections explore the impact of microbiology on the sensory quality of beer and the safe management and valorisation of brewing waste.

  • Examines key developments in brewing microbiology, discussing the microbes that are essential for successful beer production and processing
  • Covers spoilage bacteria, yeasts, sensory quality, and microbiological waste management
  • Focuses on developments in industry and academia, bringing together leading experts in the field