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Resource-Oriented Agro-sanitation Systems: Concept, Business Model, and Technology 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

In developing countries, access to the adequate sanitation systems is still limited, and a new business model is required. This book demonstrates the benefits of resource-oriented agro-sanitation systems, including the concepts and technologies, and using selected case studies, e.g. from Burkina Faso and Indonesia, it illustrates the different applications of the system. It also discusses various aspects related to resource-oriented agro-sanitation system, including resource-recovery technologies for feces, urine and grey water, business models for installation, and agricultural issues related to uses of urine and compost. Promoting installation of sanitation systems, especially in developing countries, the book is intended for water and sanitation engineers, administrators, policy makers and regulators. It also provides multidisciplinary insights, making it a useful resource for students and researchers.