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International Workshop on Advanced Material for New and Renewable Energy (AIP Conference Proceedings / Materials Physics and Applications)

The International Workshop on Advanced Material for New and Renewable Energy is organized by the Research Center for Physics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), in co-operation with ASEAN Sub Committee on Material Science and Technology (SCMST) and Sub Committee on Non-Conventional Energy Research (SCNCER). Its primary objective is to provide effective media for sharing information about research in materials for energy and its applications. This event is also of importance for networking, collecting and coordinating information, so that research planners in this area are able to avoid redundant experiments. Developing advanced energy technologies requires more than applied research and development. Basic research in advanced materials for new and renewable energy will be the foundation for progress on energy technologies with zero pollution. Electricity storage, solar cells, fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage are just a few examples. Creative linkages between basic research and applied technology development will pinpoint these opportunities. This event also aims to encourage member countries and the rest of the world that climate change and global warming is a global issue and to find a feasible solution for this matter.