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Selected publications

  • Border, D.J. (2018) Microalgae and carbon mitigation - feedstocks, not just greenhouse gases (eBook - in preparation).
  • Border, D.J. (2018) The integration of anaerobic digestion and the cultivation and extraction of microalgae to limit climate change (eBook – in preparation)
  • Border, D.J. (2016) Integrating anaerobic digestion with other microbial-based technologies: the biorefinery concept: Presented at the Biocycle Conference, October 2016. Orlando, USA
  • Border, D.J. (2016) Why would a composting site consider high-solids (dry) anaerobic digestion? Presented at the Renewable Energy Association Conference: Dry AD: Sorting the facts from the fiction, June 2016, Birmingham, UK.
  • Border, D.J. (2015) American Pioneers (a recognition of the role played by the Goldstein family in the USA organics industry), Organics Recycling, Summer 2015, p 41.
  • Border, D.J. (2015) Anaerobic digesters as chemical factories: Presented at the Biocycle West Coast Conference, April 2015, Portland, USA.
  • Border, D.J., (2014) Compost and compost-like outputs (CLO) for agriculture and land restoration: Presented at the Biocycle East Coast Conference, October 2014, Baltimore, USA.
  • Border, D.J. (2014) Talk at the R&D Hub of the ADBA Conference, 03.07.2014 - Integrating AD and microalgae (see my 07.07.2014 blog at Microbiology in Action (http://www.microbiologyinaction.com).
  • Border, D.J. (2014) Interview by Organics Recycling magazine (Summer 2014, pp 28-30) Under the Microscope - my views on the future of the organics recycling industry.
  • Border, D.J. (2011) Software to help the composter.  Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR), Autumn 2011, Issue 10, 40-41.
  • Mohabuth, N.B. and Border, D.J. (2011) Batch tunnel composting of food waste and yard waste: A detailed process analysis:  Presented at the International Biocycle Conference in San Diego, USA, April 2011.
  • Mohabuth, N.B. and Border, D.J. (2010) The design and operation of a bench-top computer-controlled composting unit.  Presented at the International Biocycle Conference in Des Moines, USA, October 2010.
  • Border, D.J., (2003) Processes and Plant for Waste Composting and other Aerobic Treatment, Environment Agency, R&D Technical Report P1-311/TR
  • Dunn, R., Wallace, P. and Border, D.J. (2000) A Demonstration of In-vessel Composting Technology:  "The Sirocco Biotreatment TMProcess", AEA Technology.
  • Border, D.J. (1998) The development of batch tunnel composting in Europe, Biocycle, 39, (10) 60-62
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  • Border, D.J. (1997) Centralised composting around the globe, Wastes Management, April 1997, 44-45
  • Wheeler, P.A., Border, D.J., & Riding, A., (1996) The markets for composts and digestates from municipal solid wastes, UK Department of the Environment.
  • Border, D.J., (1995) Heaps of Goodness, The Garden, (Royal Horticultural Society), 120, (11), 678-679
  • Border, D.J., (1995) Making Organic Waste Composting Profitable, In: “Composting: Environmental and Economic Aspects of Composted Materials and Their Use”, UK- Israeli Workshop, March 1995.
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  • Border, D.J. (1993) Alternatives to Peat, Mushroom J., (July), 23-24
  • Matthews P.J. and Border, D.J. (1991) Compost - a sewage sludge resource for the future, In:  "Alternative Uses for Sewage Sludge,” Ed. J.E. Hall, Pergamon Press, pp. 303 - 310.
  • Border, D.J., (1990) Agricultural and Horticultural Compost - A major use for cereal straw, In: “Straw - Opportunities & Innovations”, Peterborough, Cambs., May 1990
  • Border, D.J., Coombes, C. & Shellens, M. (1988) Composting straw with untreated liquid sludge, Biocycle, 29, 54 – 55
  • Hardy, J.A., De Belleroche, J.S., Border, D.J., Bradford, H.F. (1980) Differential transmitter release from nerve terminals isolated from basal ganglia and substantia nigra, J. Neurochem., 34, 1130 - 1139,
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  • Border, D.J., & Trinci, A.P.J., (1970) Fine structure of the germination of Aspergillus nidulans conidia, Trans. Br. Mycol Soc., 54, 143
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David Border - Consultant Microbiologist


David Border - Consultant Microbiologist