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Light microscopes

The following is a list of some of the best microscopes available directly from Amazon.

  • Microscopes are in the order of highest cost to lowest.
  • Double-click the microscope image to move directly to the correct Amazon page.
  • Supporting text is from the Amazon website.

Jenco International Microscope Trinocular Inverted Turret Condenser

  • The Epi-fluorescence inverted microscope allows for quick location of fluorescent tagged items at a great value
  • The BC series Epi inverted uses four single band filter cubes and six objectives to deliver a brightly resolved image for identifying proteins and other specimens within a cell
  • Delivers sharp images through the bottom of a culture vessel due to superior long-working, distance-phase contrast objectives
  • Examine large roller bottles or standing flasks with a swing out feature of the long working distance condenser