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Light microscopes

The following is a list of some of the best microscopes available directly from Amazon.

  • Microscopes are in the order of highest cost to lowest.
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Meiji Techno IM7520 Inverted Binocular Brightfield

  • Binocular metalurgical research scopes-inverted BF/DF, 12V 50W halogen
  • Inverted Binocular Microscope
  • Brightfield / Darkfield
  • Integrated 12V/50W Vertical Koehler Halogen
  • Auto Voltage Sensing Power Supply

The Meiji Techno IM7520 is a highly advanced, inverted binocular metallurgical microscope. The IM7520 features a high power 12V/50W vertical Koehler Halogen illuminator, as well as brightfield, darkfield, and polarization. The unit comes standard with a quintuple nosepiece, and four high quality objectives: Infinity Corrected Plan Semi Apo BD 5X, 10X, 20X and LWD 50X. The IM7520 is designed to meet your most diverse needs for materials research. It is well suited for examination of mounted metallurgical specimens or for routine quality inspections such as, microstructural observation, and analysis and evaluation of a variety of metallurgical metals ceramics, polymers and various materials testing, QA and QC examination and photomicrography. The IM7520 offers crisp, distortion-free, high resolution images in multiple modes of operation, and has a built in photo port on the front of the body making image documentation quick and easy. For a full list of magnifications and included parts, please see the tab labeled What's In The Box.